Journalist & Documentary Producer/Director

I have over a decade of experience in journalism and documentary production in more than 10 countries. Starting out in print journalism for newspapers in England, before moving to international broadcasting, I used the writing and news gathering skills I learnt as a reporter and editor to create video content for BBC World News, Reuters and China Central Television.

I moved to Kenya from London, to report on the ground in the continent my family has fled as Ugandan refugees in the 1970s. I produced and directed television documentaries on sociopolitical topics around Africa, two of which were nominated for Best TV Documentary at film festivals. I sourced newsworthy content for Reuters’ news video service Africa Journal while making films.

Going back to the continent of my ancestors uncovered my personal connection to storytelling and honed my resilience to report in war ravaged and hostile regions.

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My work documenting human suffering in Israel and Palestine covered the conflict in an in depth way rarely seen on the mainstream news.

Previously, while working on a six-part documentary series about human trafficking for BBC World News, I gathered exclusive content including a raid on a child labour clothes factory in India and women trafficked from Tanzania to England for domestic servitude.

Independently, I produced and directed am inspirational short documentary about Kenyan women for International Women’s Day and created a mobile storytelling platform with two California-based software engineers to connect survivors through their own personal stories to advocate healing and empathy.

I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Artificial Intelligence & Psychology from The University of Birmingham and a postgraduate qualification in Journalism.