A Boy

Washed ashore. How can our eyes take anymore? It breaks our heart. How can we even start – to process what this means.

A human life. The image cuts like a knife. An innocent soul. Made irrelevant.

The only consolation is hope. After attacks in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. That goodness will one day rise up – and conquer greed.

Social media connects us all. We use it, we live it, we have a ball. But more than that, we are connected by soul. A commonality, clear at every pole.

We have the same eyes, ears, noses. We look around and see ourselves, in different poses. We are but one. All of us a parent, daughter or son.

We will come together one day. When enough of our lifestyle has frayed. A movement has begun, a feeling. The sky’s the limit, no ceiling.

Gaining momentum each day. Together we will finally play. I see me in you, you see you in me. One being, one soul, one us.

RIP Aylan Kurdi


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